The HTC’s One M9 smartphone for 2015 is just WOW

HTC has decided to be a part of MWC 2015 press events and showcased their next-generation flagship smartphone, the One M9, on March 1. The HTC’s cool One M9 smartphone for 2015 comes with the sleek aluminum design like the previous phones. HTC has added a new 20-megapixel camera, a bigger battery and a fast processor. The manufacturing on One M9 is a bit complex but only to achieve a simpler, neater and better smartphone design.

Though the design looks similar to the previous designs,  it takes 70 steps and over 300 production minutes to make each One M9 phone. After several rounds of hand-polishing,  an anti-scratch coating is applied on the case. The front bezel is a single piece. So the phone comes with a fewer parts.

Here’s the beauty!





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