The old patient always described the scene at the park to his blind friend; you will not believe what happened later

This video is one hell of a joyful ride for you. What is true friendship? What will you do if you get to share your hospital room with another patient? Would you become friends with him? Even if you do befriend him, would you do anything to bring joy to him? This beautiful short film will show you something you could have never imagined!

Two patients share a room in a hospital. One of them is blind, his bed faces a wall and the other one is old and seriously ill, his bed is next to a big window.

the two patients

The blind patient is always lying flat in his bed where as the other patient gets to sit up once for an hour each day. When he gets to sit up, he draws the curtains of the window and shares the scene at the park he gets to see from the window.

the old patient

In no time, they became really good mates. They shared their stories about their wives, family and work. Whenever the old patient could sit up, he would vividly describe the activities in the park.

He told him he could see a young boy giving flowers to his love who refused to take them. The blind patient told him that the girl wanted a ring not flowers.

scene at the park

The next evening, the old patient told him that the same boy is back with his girl and this time, the boy gave her flowers and a ring.

Every time the old patient described the scene in the park, the blind patient could imagine it and feel happy about being able to see his surroundings through the eyes of his newest friend. He thanked him for sharing the life around him that he could not see with his own eyes. He told him that he was happy to have in the room with him.

blind patient

The next day, the old patient was taken to the operation theater. The blind patient wished him good luck.

old patient going to OT

After a few hours, the nurse came back to clean up the bed next to the window. When the blind patient called his friend out, the nurse told him that his friend could not make it.


What happens next will move you to tears. Watch this beautiful short film to know what happened next.


To share joy with someone and to make someone happy are two important things you could do to draw more happiness in your surroundings. Nothing is bigger than making someone happy each day!  Share this video and spread joy to the world around you.