Again late for work? This little book of excuses will help

There could be many reasons behind not showing up at work on time. You slept late after a party, your boyfriend was over so you both could not keep an account of time, you got up late, you did not want to go to work but made up your mind after the office had opened, you could not find your other favourite office sock, you were celebrating your cow’s 10th birthday, Big B was over,

sir subaah ab aaye they

ghar penai sir tv pe

And so on. If you are looking for more excuses to tell your boss, here are a few.

1. Be a purrrrr lover!

sir mera billa kal baap bann gaya

2. Love all animals especially elephants, they are so cute!

Dost ke elephant ka happy birthday tha Sir. Fiftieth birthday, Sir

3. Camels are a man’s second best friends!

yesterday was my friend's camel's birthday4. Compliment him!

Sir, it is a long story... is that a new shirt It looks nice on you... ;)5. Be an ass-licker!

Sir, I had a dream that you have been fired. Toh maine soch liya, agar aap nai aaogey toh main bhi nai aaoungi. Huh

6. The night is dark and full of darkness. 

sir there was no light, it was so dark that I thought it was still night

Watch this hilarious video by Comedy One to open the magical book of excuses for office.