The story of this Muslim man whose parents died in 26/11 attacks proves terrorism has no religion

“Terrorism has no religion.”

Perhaps, there is nothing truer than this statement. 2 days back, it was seven years since the Mumbai attacks happened that shook the nation from its core. We still feel the tremors of pain and the losses can never be forgotten. Many martyrs lost their lives to save people from the terrorists.

That brings us to a question, what were the terrorists indeed fighting for? Religion? Perhaps. But does that mean that all the people belonging to the same religion can be labelled as terrorists? If there’s one thing for sure and undeniable, it is the fact that terrorism indeed has no religion.

Humans of Bombay shared the story of a Muslim man who lost his parents and a sibling which proves the fact – “A terrorist is a terrorist, they kill to kill and no religion in the world has anything to do with that.” Read the whole story here:

“My parents used to stay in the building next to Nariman House. We were eating dinner that night, when we heard what we…

Posted by Humans of Bombay on Friday, November 27, 2015