Arnold Schwarzenegger pranks his fans for charity and it is damn hilarious

Arnold Schwarzenegger has millions of fans. The Terminator famed actor is giving his fans a hard time as he walks down the streets as Terminator and even replaces his wax statues to scare the living shit out of his fans.

Arnold has decided to do this prank to support ‘After-School All-Stars’. People who support the charity  will get a chance to be his date at the premiere of Terminator Genisys.

after school all stars support arnold

Arnold decided to go out as Terminator to not just prank his fans but to get the word out.

Arnold is going undercover in Hoolywood

As he walked on the streets, he came across his duplicate getting clicked with his own fans.

Arnold meeting another arnold

The two of course, shared the much famed,  “I will be back” dialogue.

face to face

Later, Arnold decided to be the wax museum and get clicked with his fans as Terminator.

arnold with a fan

Of course, the fans did not expect the wax statue to look so real and move. They all got the shock of their lives when they realized that they were actually getting clicked wit none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger.

arnold scaring the shit out of a fan

Watch your favourite icon prank his fans for charity here.