A teacher who works for children with special needs, she reminds why we’ll always love our teachers

Being a teacher is the most beautiful and the most difficult task of the world. Letting go of the children for their better future is even more difficult. The beautiful part is the responsibility of shaping a child’s career and future. Nothing beats that feeling, to be honest.

Humans of Bombay shared a beautiful story of a teacher who teaches children with special needs. She talks about that one student who had Echolalia. He would repeat everything that he heard. The teacher started working with him when he was in pre- primary and spent almost her entire day with him for many years, trying to get him to answer questions instead of repeating them.

Now that the time has come to let him go, she feels that it is the beginning of his very ‘special’ future. We bow down to such teachers. Thank you for being who you are! Here’s the story:

“I work with children with special needs– many of them have autism or down’s syndrome. One child who I always remember…

Posted by Humans of Bombay on Saturday, December 26, 2015