Taylor Swift makes a break up playlist for her fan

Taylor Swift, the young artist is famous for going out of her way and making a deeper connection with her fans. The artist sends them personalized gifts, hangs out with them on events and makes them a ‘get over the break up’ playlist. Yes, that’s true! When a fan told Taylor about how she was dumped by her boyfriend and how he is emotionalky abusing her, Taylor Swift wrote to her fan and made her playlist on Spotify.

fan message to taylor

Taylor empathisez and shares the piece of her wise mind

taylor swift on tumblr

taylor swift on tumblr 2

taylor swift on tumblr 3

Now that’s the sweetest thing ever done by an artist!

taylor swift on tumblr 4

Not many times celebrities go out of their ways to help a fan but this is just the best act ever.

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