Sweet pictures of this panda daycare will give you a sugar rush

What do you think is the sweetest sight in the world? Watching pandas play and laze around in a park. Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding takes care of cutesy pandas who have been giving birth to sweet babies through both natural and artificial breeding methods since 1987. They have built a special home for them just like we have for babies. Watching them drink milk from their small milk bottles, eat their food, hug their caretaker friends and having fun on the swings.

Here watch the lovely black and white cotton balls drink from their bottles.

pandas drinking milk


Playing in their cots.

pandas in the cot


Having a lazy day in the park.

pandas lying together


Sleeping in rows of white and blacks.

pandas on the floor


Need a partner to play with!

pandas with a ball


Giving love to their caretakers. Hugs, hugs, hugs.

pandas with the caretaker


Look at that cute smile planted on his face!

pandas with the swing


I would literally sell my house, to visit the home of these sweet babies! What do you think about them?

All images have been sourced from Panda.org.