Supreme Court orders CBI to investigate the rape cases Dr Krishnan had uploaded on YouTube

Hyderabad-based activist, Dr. Sunitha Krishnan had uploaded two videos of gang-rapes which were made by the rapists and then sent to many through the online messaging service, Whatsapp. Her #ShameTheRapistCampaign aimed at getting all those rapists behind the bars. Though the two videos were later removed by YouTube as according to it  “the videos violate terms of service”, Supreme Court has ordered CBI to investigate the cases and find out the rapists as it found the videos shocking and scary.

“It is a serious issue and something needs to be done. It is quite clear this issue is extremely serious and of great public importance,” the court said.

The faces of all the rapists are clearly visible in the videos however, no arrests have been made. It was also pointed out that the rapists were from UP and Bihar and were speaking “Bengali”. The police in UP, Bihar and Odhisha have been ordered to look for the rapists in the videos. The activist was informed about these videos by an acquaintance. She got the videos edited by her filmmaker husband to have the culprits’ faces clear and visible for investigation.

“10 seconds into the video, I was overcome. I had to stop as I needed to throw up. People don’t come forward when it comes to helping in getting the perpetrators arrested.”, Sunitha told NDTV.