Engineering student commits suicide; the event gets recorded in the camera

When the most important things in life start shaping up in the wrong direction, one needs support and help in such a stressful state of time. An engineering student in Meerpet, Hyderabad committed suicide in the wee hours of the day, on Sunday. 22 year-old Anand Sai Reddy was a BTech third year student of Vardhaman College of Engineering in Shamsh-abad and stayed at  Lalitha Nagar in Meerpet. Reddy was suffering from a chronic disease. He was under medication but his condition did not improve even with doctor’s treatment and medicines.

Due to his bad health, Anand suffered a lot of loss in studies and his performance in studies went low too. Dejected and depressed, Anand hung himself to death with the help of a lungi when he was alone in the house. The cops found the surveillance camera which captured Anand’s suicide attempt.

“Anand locked his room from the inside and hanged himself with a lungi from a rod in the ceiling while his parents were away. “We suspect he wasn’t aware or forgot about the camera.” said inspector G. Biksham Reddy.i quit


It is very essential for family and friends to be close and keep a watch if they find any major changes in the attitude of the patient. A lot many of us need that positive push to fight the hard circumstances.


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