Story of a rich beggar!

This news is as bizarre as it can get. A beggar in Patna named, Pappu Kumar is richer than most of us right at this moment. He owns 2000 square feet of land worth Rs 1.25 crore, 5 lakh rupees cash and has a regular income that comes from bank interests and loans that he had given to people.

Before he was a beggar, Pappu wanted to be an engineer however, he met with an accident that left him crippled. Pappu has inherited property which he sold to buy a new one. He realized that the easy way to make money considering he was a cripple, was to begin begging at the railway station.

People discovered his real identity when they took Pappu into the custody during a beggar removal drive. The authorities found 4 ATM cards with 50 lac cash balance. When authorities inquired more, he revealed that he has been loaning money to people and that has has lent Rs. 10 lac to petty local traders at high interest rates.

No matter how many times RPF has removed him from the station, the boy still comes back to beg. No one could really imagine why!

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