Stay away perverts; Lahore gets its first pink women-only rickshaw

Tired of being harassed and groped by many auto-rickshaw drivers, Zar Aslam, president of Pakistan’s non-profit, Environment Protection Fund, has introduced the one of a kind auto rickshaw meant only to be traveled by the women in Lahore, Pakistan.

pink auto

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When Zar Aslam was a young student, she escaped a kidnapping by a rickshaw driver. This incident gave fuel to her idea of launching her “Pink Rickshaw” service.

Numerous incidents of eve-teasing keep happening in Pakistan. Some of them go unreported. The ones which get reported do not result into rightly punishing the attacker. 

“This is another step towards women’s financial and professional empowerment. I and my co-workers face harassment by male auto drivers or by passersby while waiting for public transport.”

Zar bought a three-covered motorcycle, got fans, doors and headlights added and pained it pink and white. She plans to have at least 25 of such motor cycles. 

pink rickshaw

“One auto costs 300,000 rupees (about $3,000), therefore it cannot be done without sponsorship from donors.”

Zar plans to lease out the autos to deserving women riders on installments. She will also help them get driving lessons and a driving licence to run the autos in the city.

Now the question is – doesn’t this give the message to the male offenders that women are scared of them and that the police has zero regard towards women protection? Doesn’t it also tell that women have been assumed to be submissive and disrespected?