Spicejet aircraft hits a buffalo on the runway at the Surat Airport

While it’s common that at times birds hit the plane, but have your ever heard of a plane hitting a buffalo. I have surely heard it for the first time.

The incident took place on the Airport in Surat, Gujarat where a Spicejet flight hit a buffalo on the runway while it was about to take off. Fortunately, all the passenger are safe, however , the buffalo died. Sanjiv Kapoor, COO of Spicejet tweeted about this incident.

Spicejet COO Sanjiv Kapoor tweets about the buffalo incident

The impact was so huge that the engine got heavily damaged. Here are the pics of the damaged aircraft  which are shared by Tarun Shukla who is a journalist at the Mint.

Spicejet hit by buffalo


Spicejet hit by buffalo in Surat