Anuvab Pal talks about how Britishers influenced us and history ruined everything

Britishers had a great impact on us. We took to learning their language and their ways. Especially, the way they talk. Popular comedian, Anuvab Pal decided to talk about how the British influenced our language.

Beta, agar kuch bann na ho to English bolo properlyyyyaaahhh


How are parents taught us to use bigger words.

einstein testicle


Then how we moved to talking in Hinglish.

Always Kabhi Kabhi


Mughals did something good. They gave us the Taj Mahal where not all of us have been to. But when a foreigners asks “who made it?”, we do have an answer.



History was boring they never told us who eloped with whose wife but all they taught us was who built a stupa.



Watch Anuvab Pal’s stand up comedy act based on English influenced by the British and history.