Abijit Ganguly’s funny sketch perfectly describes how radio pranks these days have ruined the listening experience

If you’re a regular listener of radio in a city like Delhi, or for that matter, any other city, you definitely know about the trend of ‘pranks’ played by the radio jockeys. Just like me, a lot of others too are done with these ‘real’ pranks.

The same holds true for one of our favorite comedians, Abijit Ganguly. He made a really funny sketch on the side effects of these pranks and majorly, how a group of people’s profession could be endangered due to them! So the plot of the sketch is –

Meet Raman Jain.


One morning, he gets a weird call.


The person on the other side said,


Raman’s reaction to this call was different from how a normal person would react, otherwise. You have got to watch the video to know –

Dear FM Channels, if you’re watching this video, please take a note –