Sonakshi gave the perfect answer to KRK’s disgusting tweet

“KRK, naam toh suna hoga?” The butt of all jokes and the father of all losers, KRK is back and how? 

How it all started?

After looking at Kim Kardashian’s internet breaking butt shots, KRK went mad at Bollywood actresses for not owning an ass like ‘tat’!

KRK dissappointment with Bollywood heroines

He went crazy tagging popular Bollywood actresses including Deepika, Katrina, Parineeti and Sonakshi, asking people to RT if they thought they had the ‘Biggest Butt in Bolllywood’ (BBB)

KRK's madness on twitter

Soon after this, KRK went berserk and tweeted THIS!

KRK's first tweet after Kim's sizzling Paper cover

Just when KRK  thought he could get away with trolling Bollywood actresses on twitter, Sonakshi Sinha tweeted the best combat tweet ever!

sonakshi's kickass response to KRK

To which KRK quickly apologized in his own KRK-Style!

KRK's response to Sonakshi 2

As Sonakshi Sinha intelligently chose to ignore his apology, KRK disqualified her from the BBB competition. 

KRK's response to Sonakshi

We totally think that everyone should RT Sonakshi Sinha’s tweet about KRK. :P

Just in case you think that KRK has done something like this for the first time, you should see what he did yesterday.  THIS!

KRK tweeted 15 hours ago

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