Former Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti passes a crass comment; evokes anger

Former Delhi Law Minister Somnath Bharti provoked anger by passing an insensitive statement. He said that “beautiful women” would be able to go out at midnight provided AAP government takes over policing system in the national capital.

First Post reported that during a discussion on setting up of ‘Commission of Inquiry’ in the Delhi Assembly, Somnath Bharti said,

We will provide a fully-secure Delhi. I am fully confident that if Delhi government is given full freedom (over security), beautiful women will be able to go out even after midnight without any fear.

Both BJP and Congress, pretty obviously have bitter reactions to this. Sharmistha Mukherjee, DPCC chief spokesperson said,

It is absolutely disgusting and derogatory towards women, but it is not surprising coming from someone who defied law even when he was law minister. It really shows his attitude.

Vijendra Gupta, the senior BJP leader, who is  also Opposition leader in the Delhi Assembly, said,

It is “highly objectionable remark” of the AAP leader. The remark shows what he thinks about women. It is highly objectionable remark of Bharti. He made a comment in presence of Chief Minister who did not stop him from using such words for women.

What do you think of his statement?

The news is sourced from First Post.