You will not believe this mind-blowing company hires people with criminal records!

Homeless, recovering from addiction and reformed felons can apply!

You will not believe what you are going to read now! There is a company in the US which is on a lookout for the people who are labeled as “unemployable”.

It is kind of a tough deal for anyone with criminal records to land with a job in the US. Employers ignore applicants with a prior felony conviction. People with criminal records if want to have a respectable job after they are out of any criminal cases running on them, always end up with nothing.

However, things are changing! One company is making all the difference in the lives of the people who are reformed felons or addicts in the process of recovery or homeless. Sun Cedar based in Lawrence, Kansas is hiring people who are deemed “unemployable”. :)

Shine Adams, the man behind Sun Cedar, came up with the idea of hiring people with a prior felony conviction when after his friend who was released from prison could not find a job to support himself. So how he started with his small business idea, Sun Cedar?

1. Cedar wood scraps/material
2. A basement to run the work


3. A friend who sought work to make a good life.

The two started making little cedar trees and sold them in the market.

wood carvings

Sun Cedar has been able to provide employment opportunities to many considered unemployable. Such a great way to assist the community members!

Shine Adams and his team are planning to expand Sun Cedar. Their nonprofit status will be closed soon. Right now, Sun Cider makes some really cool products.

sun cider products

Their small business idea gave many opportunities to work and earn and even carry on with other employment opportunities in the market.

Sun Cider is giving everyone a chance to make their lives worthwhile and is fighting against people’s criminal records status and homelessness.