This loving soldier cooked his wife a year’s worth of dinners while he’s now away on duty

I know a lot of women who consider themselves lucky when their husbands cook for them. Sweet this gesture is, yes, but I bet none of them is as good as Yin Yunfeng. Yin Yunfeng, a 27 year old soldier in the Chinese army is such a devoted husband that when he was required to go on duty, he cooked dinners for a year for his wife Zhao Mai, 26. As luck may have it, he gets to see her only once a year.

Yunfeng is currently stationed in a remote outpost in Tibet. Zhao Mai works as a teacher in the city of Anshui in China’s Guizhou province. Recently when he visited her, he was too sad to see her busy with work so much that she hardly got time to cook dinner for herself. Well guess what? The husband dearest was not going to take that.

He decided to cook dinners for her that would last for a year while he was away. A bit too sweet, isn’t it?

Husband cooks dinner for wife for a year (3)

These dinners included more than 1,000 dumplings, 150 liters of his wife’s favorite noodle soup and dozens of other hearty meals which he individually packaged. Later, he stashed them in their freezer and the freezers of nearby friends and family.

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Too adorable, right? This is what he wrote in the note to her, explaining why he did so – ‘You’re so focused on your work and have so much to read when you get home that I want to make life easier for you.’

Wait. There’s a little more to this. He also hid a number of sweet treats along with love notes which he kept around the house. He pledged to reveal to his wife in a series of phone calls and letters and to help cheer her up if she was feeling down or lonely anytime when he was away.

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He revealed his first surprise this way – ‘Here is your first surprise. You can find a bag of raisins at the back of the sofa in the living room.’ There’s no denying that the wife is super lucky. Look what Zhao Mai had to say about this – ‘I have to admit his food packages help keep me going and it’s great to know that he loves me. In some way every time I have my meal I know he is with me.’

Can there be any guy who is as considerate as Yin Yunfeng? We don’t think so!

All the images and news have been sourced from Metro