Over enthusiastic Adarsh Liberals tweet about Modi’s Louis Vuitton shawl; found out it was Vimal’s

It is quite strange how people can really create a havoc online, especially when one has numerous followers. Similar thing happened when this image of PM Modi in France was shared in a news daily.

PM modi in france


PM Modi is on a four-day trip to Europe where he will meet various leaders, in France and Germany to strengthen foreign ties. As any man of his position, the PM discussed and finalized many plans and agreements. However, not everyone really talked about it. What one noticed was PM Modi’s shawl brown shawl.  And who spotted it? Popular journalist and detective, Rana Ayyub tweeted about it. Because of her long list of followers, her tweet received much engagement.

rana ayyub



People talked all time of things from PM Modi’s donations, to his fashion taste. The went to many other journalists and debaters including consulting Editor of Times of India Sagarika Ghose who gave some fashion education to the PM. 

sagarika ghosh

Following Sagrika’s tweet Shekhar Gupta too tweeted stating that his earlier article did talk about Modi’ fashion style statement.

shekhar gupta


The promotion of the brand by Adarsh Liberals reached the masses. One got so impressed by the shawl that he even inquired with the brand itself but had no luck. 



Everyone had mistaken PM Modi’s brown shawl as one of the LV’s products. The shawl was one of the Indian brands, Vimals’s product. 

vimal fashion


It is obvious that everyone’s new favourite topic- Modi’s shawl has now been nipped in the bud for now everyone has found their mistakes. It is funny how people can really pick up random topic and debate about them. Although the strange thing is that people can easily change your opinions and thoughts. Now that is scary, about Modi’s shawl, it has now become our favourite.