Snapdeal taken to court by a Delhi lawyer for selling sex toys

E-commerce giant, Snapdeal has been taken to court by a Delhi-based lawyer, Suhaas Joshi for selling sex accessories. Joshi doesn’t condemn homosexuality, his objective behind filing the case is different and more complex. Joshi wants to test the limits of Article 377 that criminalises homosexuality in India. He wants the government to discuss more on it. Section 377 is a bit controversial anti-gay Indian law that criminalises any sort of sexual intimacy that is “against the order of nature.”

According to Joshi, “I am not against homosexuality. There is a lot of confusion. Companies are selling products which are used for same sex activity, but at the same time, Indian government says such acts are illegal.”

A look closer in the website shows that Snapdeal sells sex toys and other sex products under the Health, Wellness & Medicine category.anal spray

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The metropolitan court at Delhi’s Tis Hazari heard the case and the judge has asked the Sabzi Mandi police to investigate the case asap and submit a report the next month.