What it would be like if ‘Siri’ were to get periods! Funny sketch

Everyone iPhone user knows what it is like to chat with Siri. The world went crazy after asking Siri funny questions and the kind of intelligent answers the device would come up with. Screen Patti, a popular YouTube channel decided to assume Siri was actually a woman installed on iPhone and came up with a witty and hilarious sketch on “Siri on periods” and you can expect some really funny things to occur in the video.

Siri in a bad mood.

siri on periods

Siri is unable to focus on work.siri on periods booking tickets

Siri can’t be all sweet and nice all the time.

siri on periods aah

Siri getting offended when told she has been PMSing.

siri on periods pmsing

Watch this hilarious video here.

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