This Mumbai boy’s story touched its readers so much the post became a bank of beautiful comments

“My father passed away, so now it’s just my mother and me living together.” A young boy stood wearing a black Gangnam Style t-shirt to share his story with Humans of Bombay. He beautiful and infectious smile is planted on his face. “Every morning, from 7 am to 8 am, I deliver newspapers in the area, after which I go to school.” A look at his picture and you know he is too young to begin supporting his family. A father’s demise not just changes the life of a son, it changes son!

A boy turns into a mature and all grown up man in a few minutes where he decided to take responsibility of his family’s well-being. Like father, like son! “I make 1000 Rupees a month from this, and although it’s not a lot…I want to do something, anything to help my mother.”

His last sentence is completely moving. “She’s [mother] the best — and her aloo sabzi is world best!”

"My father passed away, so now it's just my mother and me living together. Every morning, from 7am to 8 am, I deliver…

Posted by Humans of Bombay on Sunday, September 13, 2015

Our hearts go out for this son and we can’t help feeling proud about him. Not just his story and his words describing his mother are touching, the boy has revealed his immense strength by talking about his situation. He has all the courage to face his life and is not even aiming at gaining anyone’s sympathies. And the best the boy could do for the readers of the popular Facebook page is he could bring out their warm and beautiful side too. The readers of the post responded beautifully to him and we couldn’t help but share their comments. Some even came out to share their stories to make the boy feel he is not alone.

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If we’re all alone, then we’re all together in that too.

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While the little boy manages to keep himself ready for the enormous fight and struggle he has ahead of him, he managed to draw the best out of everyone who read his story. The boy is a true inspiration and is a great example of how a great son every boy deserves of becoming. More power to you, boy!