Say hello to Sarah Reign who makes money by eating and farting on camera for men

Before I tell you anything about this wonderful woman, you might be interested in reading her Twitter bio. Here you go –

*YOUR ULTIMATE SSBBW FETISH FANTASY BABE!* Eyes that eat souls…Belly that eats everything else! *Booking,Inquiries,Tributes to*


Sarah Reign’s main job is of a security guard, but she makes around £1000 by a part job which is weird but for real – she eats and farts on camera for men who have such fetishes! Yes, this 26 year old New York woman can eat chocolate, smear it all over her body, face and belly button. What’s more, she would even pass the gas on demand.

Oh, here’s the best part – she sells her worn underwear. 

She said she loves to eat, and she eats till she’s full. She thought it would be fun to eat on the cam. If the client is ready to pay the bill, she can even sit on them, if they want. ‘It was awkward at first but I got really into it, sitting on his face, smothering it with my belly,’ she said.

She felt awkward eating on camera at first as the fans love to watch her chewing every mouthful. But now she’s OK.


She will only do it wearing a vest top and tiny shorts. She has always been a heavy woman, and then she got into this part time job where men asked her to eat on camera. She now has her own channel. She keeps getting different demands, the most common of which is to act like a pig.


She believes that it is sexy to be big and that she put on weight on purpose. She has put on six stone since she started. There are men who want to feed her so much that she wouldn’t be able to move, but she is determined to be active and keep doing her day job! “I have a piggy nose and ears that I wear and eat really messily in, covering my face with chocolate.”


You’ll be surprised to know that when the camera is off, Sarah is a clean freak. She puts her bra and towel straight into the washing machine. At times, she takes the camera into the shower and believes it to be very sexy!

Don’t you now wish that such jobs were for real? ;)

All images and news are sourced from Metro.