#Bizarre: Chinese men are signing up to sell their sperms online; the website is a huge hit

As bizarre and strange as it may sound, men in China are super excited about selling their sperms. Enthusiastic Chinese men from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are selling their sperms to Taobao, an online website that offers sperms,  paternity tests and testing for sperm fertility, owned by Alibaba. Taobao pays between $500 and $700 to each sperm donor.

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Donated sperms not only help married couples who have been trying to have babies but independent single mothers too.

Within just 72 hours, 22,017 men signed up to sell their sperms at the 7 sperm banks owned by Taobao.

The offer to sell sperms was made by Taobao together with KingMed Diagnostics, a third-party medical laboratory group from Wednesday to Friday, last week.

Volunteers were required to provide their real names, last six digits of their ID card and email addresses for registration.

Taobao also sells outlandish products including, beauty soaps made of breast milk, and boyfriends on hire to girls who wanted to convince their parents to believe they had steady partners.

We have to give it to China for introducing such bizarre and unusual ideas to the world!

New originally reported by TOI

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