If you wonder what Sarah Jane Dias is up to, we have the answer

Indian actress, host, VJ and former beauty queen, Sarah Jane Dias was last seen in the movie, Happy New Year and if you are wondering what she is up to right now, then we have the answer. The gorgeous damsel is trying her hands at singing. The diva has published her first independent music video- ‘Forgot to be me’ on her YouTube channel. The video stars, MTV VJ Bani and Arunoday Singh from the movie Jism. ‘Forgot to be me’ is a actually a poem which goes like this-

I think because I am,
and I act,
because I can,
and I could be,
anything you wanted me to be,
but I forgot tot be me.

My flaws are flaws too,
where were you when I needed you?
everything was fine as long as I smiled,
but the storm phased you.

I woke to try,
the fight was all mine,
and sure you met me halfway,
but that wasn’t enough for you to stay.

While we were mending tears and frays,
forgetting all our yesterdays,
while I was being,
everything you needed me to be,
I forgot to be me.

Why did you recoil,
when I let loose,
and did you think that there was no use,
in trying to see past my ugly.

I wish you hadn’t come so close,
I wish I didn’t feel like a ghost,
and I wish you never said you loved me.

I was mending tears and frays,
forgetting all your yesterdays,
I tried to be,
everything you needed me to be,
but I forgot to be me


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