This Romanian teenager burst into flames and got 27,000 volts while taking the ultimate Facebook selfie

Taking selfies has become deadly these days and a few past incidents just proved it. Be it the 3 Indian boys who lost their lives while taking a selfie on train tracks, be it the man who died taking a selfie with a soaring volcano in the South Pacific, be it the Polish couple who died while taking a selfie right in front of kids who watched them falling off the cliff in Cabo da Roca on the west coast of Portugal or be it the American guy who died while taking a selfie with a gun for his Facebook – people have gone to unbelievable heights for taking a mere selfie that have cost them their lives. reported yet another incident where a Romanian teen got burst into flames and got a shock of 27,000 volts while taking a selfie for his Facebook.

teen died

This teenager died after she was electrocuted while taking selfies atop a parked train in northeast Romania. She was 18 years old, named Anna Ursu. While taking a selfie on the top of a train, she accidentally touched the live wire and got a shock of 27,000 volts.

Anna Ursu had gone to the railway station with a friend to take a special selfie for her Facebook in Iasi in northeast Romania. As she lay on top of the train and stuck her leg in the air, she erupted into a ball of fire when an electrical field surrounding the overhead cables sent 27,000 volts through her body.

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Her friend who was a year younger than herself was sent flying off by the force of the blast.. She too was atop on the train roof. The good thing was that a passerby scrambed on top of the carriage and put out the girl’s burning clothes before calling the emergency services. He put his own life at risk by doing so.

He had called out to them to keep their heads and legs down and then heard a loud bang as the girl turned into a human fireball.

Is there no stopping of this stupid craze or not? I believe if nothing else, at least these cases should help people come out of the idiotic selfie craze.

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