Heart breaking news! The new bubble wrap will not pop any more

Time to say good bye to your buddy! Your immediate friend you always count on when you are bored will now say ‘no’ to being snapped or burst.

bubble wrap


Yes, Bubble Wrap is going to become non popping to your pinches now. The packaging material will no longer pop now.

Sealed Air Corp. the seller of bubble wrap since 1960 is introducing iBubble Wrap. The sort of bubble wrap that won’t burst even if you go insane with and try to drive your car on it. Gone are the days when we used to sit down to pop the bubbles while packing. The iBubble Wrap, not an Apple product, of course will be sold as a flat plastic sheet that needs to be manually plumped up, column by column. Once filled iBubble Wrap will look like the old Bubble Wrap but it will still not pop. Because if you apply pressure to a bubble, the air will simply move into another one bubble. Sealed Air Corp. had a monstrous idea to make it happen! The bubbles in each column of the sheet are connected to one another.

The company said that they will still make the earlier pop-worthy bubble wraps. They will only become less common with the new iBubble Wrap. But if you can’t get your hands on a bubble wrap sheet, you will have to resort to virtual bubble wrap. They pop!


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