Artist gives popular landmarks a creative twist in these 14 pictures; now they look uniquely different

There is one thing common among all travelers- similar looking pictures of popular landmarks. When we visit famous places, we end up clicking similar pictures of the place. Nothing new, just the same building shot in the same or different angle. Some small, some big, but all look the same. To give his pictures a better feel, creative touch, photographer Rick McCor added black paper cut outs to the foreground to give the popular places and landmarks a unique feel. We love his approach as the pictures now have a different perspective.

Rick has been sharing all his pictures on his Instagram account which has 26K followers now. Here are 14 of our favourite pictures of Rick as he traveled around the world. 


picture 9

2. Rick McCor picture 1

3.Rick McCor picture 2

4.Rick McCor picture 7

5.Rick McCor picture 6

6.Rick McCor picture 4

7.Rick McCor picture 5

8. Rick McCor picture 3
9.Rick McCor picture 8

10.Rick McCor picture 11


Rick McCor picture 12

12.Rick McCor picturr 10


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