9 body pains to watch out for to avoid any serious health issues

Do you know any pain and aches in one part of your body could be a result of an ailment existing in another part WebMD writes, “Referred pain occurs when a problem in one place in the body causes pain in another place.” This brings to our notice that the pains and wounds we sometimes pass as normal or “just nothing” can be serious health issues.

body parts and pain areas

These 9 charts below will reveal the pain areas of your body which you should get checked if pains in one part of your boy occur a lot.

1. Heart

Pain in the chest area around the heart and referred pain shooting down the left arm or in the upper-middle portion of the back are the symptoms of heart diseases.


2. Lung and Diaphragm

Pain in one side of the neck or upper shoulder area is caused by issues with lung and diaphragm. You must see a doctor to find out the cause. It could be fatal.

lung and diaphragm

3. Liver and Gallbladder

Pain in the neck or upper shoulder areas, and in the right side of the body below the nipple are caused by both the liver and gallbladder.

Liver and Gallbladder

4. Stomach and Pancreas

Pain in theses highlighted body spots mean you have serious organ issues!

Stomach and Pancreas

5. Small Intestine

Pain in the abdominal area near the belly button? You have serious small intestine issues.

Small Intestine

6. Colon and Appendix

Appendicitis and problems with the colon often show themselves with referred pain in these specific areas of the abdomen. Seeing a doctor ASAP is imperative.

Colon and Appendix

7. Kidney

Kidney problems cover a large area of your body that includes the lower back, abdomen, pelvis, and upper portions of the legs.


8. Bladder

Serious bladder problems can be traced if you experience pain of the lower pelvis, on the front or back side.


9. Ovary

Womens-Health-Advice.com says, “Ovarian cysts can cause sharp, stabbing pain (usually on one side of the abdomen).”


Knowing your body is as important as knowing the nature of work you need to d at a new workplace. Never ignore any signs that your body tries to give you. Your body should be your favourite place to be. Tell us how useful you found this article.