The record breaking romantic movie of all time, DDLJ will not be screened at Maratha Mandir anymore

News for all the DDLJ fans! Yash Raj Films and Mumbai’s Maratha Mandir theater have agreed to discontinue screening the film at the theater.

After screening the movie for 1009 weeks, today, the theater had run its last show at 9.15 AM. The theater owners were finding it difficult to screen the movie along with other new movies and so requested Yash Raj Films to prepone the show to 9.15 AM.  But what really happened is that the theater staff had to work beyond the work hours to ensure non-hassled run of the movie. So together the theater and Yahs Raj Films decided to stop the record breaking run of the movie.

Here’s the new trailer of the movie, to revive all your memories.

News Source, TOI