16 reasons why natural beauty is gorgeous than layers of makeup

Before I try and make any point, watch this video and think about applying makeup all year long. Year after year.

365 layers of makeup definitely, tell us how much gross-y chemicals we apply on our face in a year to look all that beautiful. Do you realize how easily this layer will make you age and look old? Here are 16 reasons why going makeup-less is better than a cake-y face.

1. You will have less skin acne.
Your skin will be clean and healthy. You will only have to tame your mane.

less skin acne 1.1Source

less skin acne 1.2

2. You will look and feel fresher.
We bet, you will do.

look fresh and healither 2Source

3. You won’t have to hide your pimple.
Because there will be no pimples! :D

no pimple hidingSource

4. You will have a radiant skin, NATURALLY.
Of course, you can apply skin care products. :)


5. You can afford the best skin care products.
Because you aren’t wasting money on makeup you can of course, buy the best products to make your skin glow naturally.


6. You will look less aged.
Cake-y faces tend to look aged early.


7. Lesser wrinkles.
Your skin will of course have lesser wrinkles so you will look younger than the makeup doers.

lesser wrinkesSource

8. You can sleep longer in the morning.
Because you will only have to take a shower and dress up.


9. Guys don’t understand makeup. They don’t even notice it.
If you can try to look beautiful without makeup, then why not!


10. If they do, it means you look bad.
Do you know most of the guys don’t even like their girls to wear lipstick?

bad makeupSource

11. If you are confident, you are sexy enough for the world.
True, isn’t it?


12. You don’t need those frequent visits to the rest room for touch-ups
You only go their if you want to really leak.


13. You can try natural sources to look radiant.
Bananas, apples, tomato juice, papayas, green tea, mud packs, milk, loads of water, etc. are better than foundations, concealers, blushers, lipsticks, etc.

Apple woman. Very beautiful ethnic model eating red apple in theSource

14. Free from the trouble of applying makeup in the car/train/bus routine.
Ha-ha! We know you will be happy to know this. Just splash some water on your face and apply a moisturizer. You are good to go!


15. When you get home drunk and crash on your bed, you don’t need to spend time in removing makeup.
You can straight go to bed. Nothing like it! :D



16. You will save animals.
Most of our makeup is tested on animals. It is a never ending torture for them.


I believe in no make-up routine except that kohl. Why don’t you shoot in your comments on this article to me and share some of your tricks to go makeup free.