Rapist films the victim. You will be so disgusted that you will want him dead!

What is the punishment for a rape? Death, life imprisonment? Actually, we Indians simply do not know it. All we know is hundreds of women are getting raped and have been waiting to see a day when a fair judgement will be pronounced. When we watched this video, we were disgusted!

What boils our blood is that the rapist takes the pleasure of first raping a women and then killing her, brutally hitting her or filming her for his pleasure. In this video, when the victim pleaded the rapist to stop filming her,“I will have nothing left to do but die after this.”, the rapist says nothing but “Acha hai!”

This video posted by the activist, Sunitha Krishnan to track the rapists for her campaign against rape will make you kill the rapist instantly!


If you spot of the bastards anywhere, make sure you report the police.