Ranveer Bashes DNA on cooking up a bad-bad indigestive story

Looks like news letters and journalists have taken up the task of cooking up stories and serving them to us like a mixed platter. Two Bollywood celebrities dating each other, one of them talks about how she copes with difficult times in life and the other doesn’t say anything but still things are cooked up, linked to call for a double celebrity story and boom! The haux is all over the internet!

When on Monday Mumbai’s leading daily, ‘DNA’ released an article with the headline, ‘Ranveer behind Deepika’s ‘depression’?’ and quoted someone close to Deepika Padukone stating, “Deepika was suffering, it’s true, but what no one knows is that Ranveer was the one who was disturbed and was seeking help. Deepika saw that he was having a tough time trying to come to terms with the suicide of a friend, who was dealing with depression. The friend shot himself last year, minutes after putting up a status on Facebook saying he was going to kill himself. But before any of his family members or friends could reach him, he had pulled the trigger. Those close to the deceased blamed themselves for not being able to help or doing enough or just being there with him.” (more on DNA), Ranveer Singh for the first time lost his calm and slammed the daily addressing everyone who needed to know.

Ranveer Singh's post to DNA

Miss Malini also talked a bit about it but made sure the article doesn’t sound like it confirms the rumour.

We say, Kudos to Ranveer Singh and wish all the journos feed us with sweeter, tastier, Bollywood news!

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