[Shocking] A minister from Mamata Banerjee’s government spotted asking his security guard to tie his shoe laces

A bizarre episode took place in the government of Mamata Banerjee and it is going to draw a fiery reaction.

Minister of Planning and Development, Rachpal Singh a former IPS official, was seen asking his security guard, a police man to tie his shoes laces at the state secretariat for a tribute to celebrate artist, Ramkinkar Baij’s birth anniversary, yesterday.

After untying his shoes, Rachpal Singh garlanded the portrait of the artist and came back to wear his shoes. He wore his shoes and asked his personal bodyguard to tie his shoelaces. A sight that is completely unexpected in West Bengal and in the government of a simple and grounded leader who wears bathroom chappals in her office.

Mamata Banerjee has not shared her comments or have reacted to this incident, yet.