7 quirky posters that explain the difference between just a friend and the best friend

“Dosti ka ek asool hai, no sorry- no thank you! OK?”- So what about those friends whom we do give an apology eveyr once in a while? Funny Accidents has shared these really quirky posters about the differences between the two kinds of friends we all have- Just a Friend and Best Friend. The posters will remind you of the many beautiful memories you share with your that one friend you cannot do without.

1. You can open the fridge and eat anything you like without asking for any permission. 

friend vs just a friend 1

2. You can borrow clothes, forget about them and your bestie will not mind your losing or not giving back a shirt.

friend vs just a friend 2

3. Best friends have fun at your cost and you enjoy it. 

friend vs just a friend 7

4.Will try to get you in trouble for fun’s sake. 

friend vs just a friend 6

5. Your crime partner! :’)

friend vs just a friend 5

6. What happens when you share food?

friend vs just a friend 4

7. THIS!

friend vs just a friend 3

We are sure this rekindled your best memories. Good friends are forever!