She started tweeting how a couple broke up on a delayed flight; it soon started trending!

OK. Now this is more interesting than watching the gorgeous pictures of any hiking spot or the beautiful landscapes of some the most incredible places on the earth! Getting to know how two couples broke up is the best dose of entertainment. A random Twitter user named, Kelly Keegs got on an airplane, took her seat and decided to miss everything else because the couple right across her seat was breaking up on the flight and she wanted to give a descriptive narrative of it through her tweets. The flight was anyway delayed!

So she started live tweeting!

kelly keegs sobbing

She started giving an account of what the couple said and did to each other.

kelly keegs breakup tweet

kelly keegs girls says great


kelly keegs guys says I dont care

Kelly heard everything and made it her duty to let the world know about the couple’s arguments and #planebreakup

kelly keegs tweet do i deserve this

kelly keegs breakup tweet i want to be my best for you

kelly keegs tweet fade me out

Kelly decided to share her excitement about what was happening right across her seat and broke her readers’ concentration.

kelly keegs tweets breakup greatest plane delay everShe began tweeting about the couple again!

kelly keegs breakup tweets fing sad

kelly keegs tweets breakup fing easykelly keegs breakup tweets going somewhere

Sobs! :(

kelly keegs tweets breakup loud sobs

Then a moment of silence happened!

kelly keegs tweets breakup stoic few minutes

The again they started arguing!

kelly keegs breakup tweets stop talking

kelly keegs tweets breakup mystery character charlotte

kelly keegs tweets breakup not worth your time

kelly keegs breakup tweets couple making out

After silent sobs and sniffling, something totally strange happened!

kelly keegs tweets breakup no kidding

And that called for a celebration for the couple as they took to drinking while making out in between.

kelly keegs tweets breakup celebration

This is not it! #PlaneBreakup trended on Twitter.

plane breakup trended on twitter

And thanks to her tweets, Kelly got a celebrity treatment on Twitter, just like the boy-band, One Direction.

kelly keegs tweets breakup one direction fame

Looks like everyone had a happy ending. Though we like to know, who is Charlotte!