Woot! Pizza Hut in Hong Kong designs a box that turns into a movie projector

Gone are the days when pizzas are just about eating pizzas. Confused? Here’s the deal. Pizza Hut understands the needs of pizza lovers and movie lovers. They have come up with an amazing concept – in Hong Kong, they are delivering some pizzas in specially-designed boxes that convert into pseudo movie projectors.

The Verge reported that this designed by Ogilvy Hong Kong. Pizza Hut are using boxes with a perforated, pop-out hole in the side of the box. The pizza protector serves serves as the projector’s lens. The plastic lens can be slipped into the hole, after that, the pizza table’s legs can be used to prop up your smartphone inside the box. The contraption then blows up your phone’s display onto any nearby wall.

This is how it works:







There’s some sad news though. This is applicable only for Pizza Hut in Hong Kong, and they haven’t talked of experimenting it in other countries. Here’s the video by IGN: