These moms ROASTED Maggi; they couldn’t get any more truthful and awesome!

India has seen a lot of bans lately, but we believe the Maggi ban came across the most shocking of them all. We shared the entire controversy, the details and developments of the Maggi ban previously. Where on one hand Mumbaikars shared their grief about the Maggi ban, there were some who had different opinions too! Controversies are always followed by spoofs, and we loved the Mukesh spoof (the guy from the anti-smoking ads by the Indian Government).

And then there were guys who were probably the most shocked ones followed by the Maggi ban – they even made a song about it!  Nestle did claim that Maggi is completely safe to be consumed, but later, they had to take off all the stocks from the market. But whatever be the details, we’ll not have our good old Maggi, which was the ultimate food for some situations, at least for now!

Interestingly, our moms always knew that Maggi isn’t good for health and time again they had been telling us to quit eating it. I remember how my mom got happy when she heard of the ban! The funny people at Enna Da Rascalas asked some moms to ‘roast’ Maggi and its friends – you know, the ones we love but our moms don’t: Coke, fairness creams and a few others!

The Roast is clean and funny in its own way, given that moms are doing it! Here are some funny portions from the same:





Watch the complete Roast here-