#BrokenIndia: 8 pictures that show the other side of “beautiful India”

“Incredible India”, that’s what they say, about our beautiful country. But could there be a possible another side of the beauty of our country? Limitless, a Singapore based tech company, shared an album on their Facebook page that explores the dark side of India’s beauty.

Check out the pictures here:

1. The normal cab pictures that could be hiding so much.

other side of India's story (1)

2. Could this be a bigger picture of an otherwise normal boat in the sea?

other side of India's story (2)

3. Does zooming in miss out some of the details of our country? 

other side of India's story (3)

4. What about the backdrops of historical buildings?

other side of India's story (4)

5. How about the slums?

other side of India's story (5)

6. What are the stories hidden behind these beautiful, innocent faces?

other side of India's story (6)

7. What do Indian monsoons look like, in real life?

other side of India's story (7)

8. Do beaches capture only the beauty and miss out other things?

other side of India's story (8)

Limitless told Buzzfeed India,

While we have 5-star hotels on one side, we have slums on the other. While children are seen as the future of the country, they’re also forced into child labour. While there has been both positive and negative response, we feel that we have achieved what we wanted, sending out a message to the audience indicating the state of affairs of the country. By bringing Broken India to light, we really wanted to strike a raw nerve, because only when people realise the state of affairs and break out of their comfort zones, is when they can start to make a difference. A bit of negativity is essential for positive change.

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