Open gun fire at a restaurant in Czech Republic by a mentally unstable gunman; 8 killed

A mentally unstable gunman took 8 lives at a local restaurant in Czech Republic. The reports say that he called the local TV to tell him about his plans. After storming the restaurant and killing and wounding people, the man  of  age 60, turned the gun to himself and took his own life too. The shooting happened in the town of Uhersky Brod. czech republic attack

The local are leaving candles to grieve for the ones they lost at the restaurant. 260B7F9C00000578-2967000-image-a-1_1424808194267

Police has also found out the gunman’s house to inquire further. One of the survivors Petr Gabriel, reported that he was in the rest room when the shooting happened, that saved his for he remained hidden in the rest room for 2 hours until the police found him. Patrick Kuncar, the mayor of the small town of Uhersky Brod said,

‘I have been conveyed information that it was a 60-year-old local man, probably mentally unstable.

‘I assume this was an isolated incident. I cannot see security measures that would prevent incidents like this.

‘We have various anti-terrorist measures but we can see that, here, probably a lone shooter struck with no warning.

‘Nobody believed anything like that could happen in such a small town. I can hardly imagine what consequences it will have for the future life in this town.’

mayor of uhersky brod

The restaurant owner, Pavel Karlik told that he went out along with restaurant guests from the back door and called for the ambulance. The country’s Interior Minister said that the attack was not a terrorist attack. The gunman had two pistols to himself. The shooter shouted while shooting, “They are bullying me. I am going to take care of this myself and I will take things into my hands”

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