OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro smartphones get new XPan camera mode in a new update

OnePlus’ latest flagship smartphones — OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro are getting a new update with version which brings new camera mode called XPan. This is developed by Hasselblad and is a rebranded version of the dual-format Fuji TX-1 camera launched in the late 90s.

OnePlus 9 Pro

Users of these two smartphones will be able to launch the XPan mode on their devices from the mode selection screen. It brings up a new UI with the 65:25 aspect ratio viewfinder and limited controls. Users can switch between two different color modes — slightly tweaked natural color and a default black and white based on Ilford Delta 400 film.

There’s also an option to switch focal length from 45mm to a wider 30mm, which switches to the ultra-wide lens. Further, it also allows users to control exposure. While capturing the shot, the screen briefly turns negative, and then the image is slowly formed and saved. This is supposed to “reproduce the ritual sense of film developing”.

As the 65:25 aspect ratio images cannot be created natively on the phone, they are cropped from the native 4:3 sensor. The images are saved in a 20MP resolution. The 45mm mode offers 7872 x 2916 pixel resolution while the 30mm mode offers 7552 x 2798 pixel resolution. The company has said that the images are cropped from the original 48MP and 50MP resolution of the respective sensors.

Apart from this new addition, the company is also improving the camera performance with this new update. The improvement comes for HDR processing, image sharpening, white balance, Nightscape exposure, and dynamic range in low-light.