OnePlus showcases 8T Concept smartphone with color changing technology

Earlier this year, China-based smartphone maker OnePlus had showcased its first concept smartphone at Consumer Electronics Show 2020, in January. Now, the company has revealed its second concept smartphone, which is simply called OnePlus 8T Concept.

OnePlus 8T Concept

As the name indicates, the design of the device is quite similar to the OnePlus 8T smartphone that was launched a few months ago. However, the major highlight of the phone is that it features a color-changing mechanism on the back panel.

The company has used a special film on the back that contains metal oxide in glass which changes color based on the different voltages. So whenever the metal oxide activates, the pattern on the back panel changes color from silver to blue.

Explaining the use-case for such design, the brand says that it can be used as a notification indicates, similar to what we’ve previously seen with LED notification light on the phones. So, whenever the phone received a new notification or a phone call, the metal oxide activates and the back panel changes color.

Further, the company has embedded mmWave technology in the camera module as a radar, which could enable users to accept or reject a phone call without touching the device. The company has also clarified that even though it’s the same technology used for 5G, it won’t interfere with each other.

Similar to the OnePlus Concept One unveiled earlier this year, this new OnePlus 8T Concept is just for showcasing purposes and won’t be available commercially in the market. The device has been designed by OnePlus Gaudi, which is a team consisting of 39 members from different regions like Shenzhen, Taipei, New York, and India.