One of a kind airport terminal for animals will be operational in 2016 in NY

The one of its kind, airport terminal for animals, The Ark will be operational at JFK Airport, NYC in the year 2016. The beautiful looking, large, state of the art, terminal is designed to ensure pets and animals have a safe and comfortable travel just like their owners.

The art

A specialized designated staff will be available in the terminal to ensure the animals have a safe and less hassled flight. The total cost to built the terminal is US$48 million.

the ark

The Ark has a large animal departure and arrival lounge, an overnight pet resort run by Paradise 4 Paws, and an East End Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center, resort-style kennels, latest holding facilities, vets, a well-designed aviary and climate-controlled stalls to keep the animals calm.

the ark 3

We are extremely delighted with this news. Hoping to have a great terminal designed for our pets too in India.

All Images Courtesy- The Ark