This Indian girl tried to fight her harasser on Facebook but Facebook took her screenshots down

When Bangalore-based fitness trainer, Kavitha Ravindran happened to check her Facebook messages, she came a cross a series of nasty messages from a guy requesting her to upload pictures without clothes to reveal her private parts. Upon checking the lewd messages, Kavitha posted this screenshot on her Facebook profile.

the screenshot of fb message

Kavitha did not want the man go without being given the right punishment. Her Facebook post included the name and picture of her harasser however, Facebook took it down.


Facebook has issued a warning to the harasser for the act as Facebook policies do not allow a user to share any private conversations, and any act of naming and shaming as per its bullying policies.

fb policies on bullying

bullying and harassing

Kavitha took to Twitter to share her unhappiness about Facebook’s act of deleting her Facebook post.

kavitha twitter

Though her post has been taken down from her timeline, Kavitha has gained many supporters who continue to give her strength and encourage her to keep the fight on.

kavitha support comments

“It’s OK for men to send abusive text to random women but if you share the same text, Facebook deletes it. #Facebook #shameOnyou ” Kavitha shared on twitter.

An hour ago Kavitha shared the below picture on her Facebook wall.

Few things I want to make clear. This is the first bit.- Internet is unforgivable place. People are questioning Why…

Posted by Kavitha Ravindran on Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Though Kavitha’s harasser has been given a warning and is now blocked on Facebook, but Kavitha still feels unsafe due to the fact that some people can go to monstrous limits to take revenge from women and in the recent times, people have done some really horrible things to them.

Do you think Kavitha has taken the right steps? Is it bad for a woman to fight for her rights and respect?