Obama-Modi bromance, new Censor Board Chief and the crying groom sum up the episode 2 of The Dope

Karan Talwar from Bollywood Gandu takes us through a funny episode of ‘The Dope’. The episode covers all things weird, funny and trolling. From Narendra Modi’s self-obsessed suit to Barack Obama and Modi’s extremely close hug, to their exchanging their own country’s ridiculous movie dialogs, to the new chief of the Censor Board to the crying groom with a cold feet who refused to get married to his bride.

We suggest you keep a hanker-chief with you because this video is going to make you laugh with tears.

We hope Bollywood Gandu-s share their 3rd episode around our very own local Romeo-es and Juliet-s in the city on the Valentine’s Day. The video is going to be damn funny.