Not an eternal love story! The couple who attempted suicide at the Taj Mahal broke up the day after

Setting their love aside, the couple, who slashed their throats with blade at the Taj Mahal have decided to part their ways.

Rajveer Singh and Shabana Ali attempted suicide at Nature Park, Agra on 15th July. The two were taken to a hospital where Rajveer narrated their love story and their fight for keeping their love alive.

Rajveer had stated that the reason Shabana’s father refused to get them married was his religion. However, according to Shabana’s father, Rajveer was unemployed and so he did not want their daughter to marry him.

When the police interrogated Rajveer and Shabana, and asked who had brought the blade in a high security area, Shabana told the police that she did not carry the blade with her as she knew that a person had to go through several security checks. Rajveer started to blame Shabana for all the trouble they had taken.

The two began blaming each other and started fighting at the hospital.

Scared of registration of a case under suicide attempt got differences between them. In a few hours, they did not want to see each other and decided to break up!

Rajveer also said that Shabana’s father was forcing him into changing his religion to Muslim. Shabana rubbished his statement and told that Rajveer himself had proposed to change his religion to calm things down between their families.

“It’s all a lie that my father wanted to convert. He himself had suggested becoming a Muslim because he professed love for me to the extent that religion for him doesn’t matter.”

News Source- Hindu