Muse – brain’s fitness tool to improve focus, emotional state and to relieve you from stress

Muse, the futuristic headband is so too good to be true! This amazing product exercises your brain and tracks its progress. With an aim to help your mind become more focused, free of stress, productive, emotionally stable, controlled and easily trainable to be more positive and efficient, Muse is like a total hellbender powerful enough to gobble down and digest other similar gadgets in the market. The headband passively reads changes in the wearer’s brains

muse a closer view to the gadget


How it works?

User connects the headband to his smartphone or tablet via bluetooth. Muse guides the wearer through the attention training with real-time feedback through a friendly voice,  tracks the over-all progress through the Muse’s App- Calm and trains your mind to be happier. Muse

What people say?

“It wasn’t long until I reached a state of total relaxation” – Cnet

muse headband


“The high tech headband that can make your stressed brain happy again” – Forbes

muse gadget


Looks like this product totally something we will soon be waiting for in the Flash sales!

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