15 excuses we all give to take leaves

This post is dedicated to all the working professionals out there who work their asses during the week and live just for the weekend!

While working, life gets hard some times, isn’t it? We all need to escape the work at times and for that, we end up giving some ridiculous excuses for taking leaves at times!

Here are some of the excuses we give at work, for taking leaves –

1. The classic excuse of weddings and engagements!
Yes, it works most of the times.


2. The second most famous one – call in sick!
Which only means the boss is the one to get sick, after listening to your excuse.


3. Blame it on mom
“Mom forces me to visit her. Do I even have a choice, boss?”


4. Fake an accident
No kidding. I have seen a lot of people coming to work with fake plasters.


5. Important bank work
You probably have never even visited a bank, but yes, this reason seems legit.

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6. Your vehicle is so adamant. It just won’t start
Only when you have to go to work, that is. Otherwise it works perfectly fine ;)


7. School/college reunion
Not often, but this can be used once a year. Unless you have multiple degrees!


8. The ‘that time of the month’ problem!
Brownie points for being a girl, yo!


9. Random distant relatives keep falling sick. And they die
You have to, have to visit them!


10. A new member arrives in the family
A baby birth/baby shower always works for taking leaves.


11. The road which you take to the office is blocked due to construction.
And there is no other way you could reach office. No other way, at all.

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12. Convocation at your university
How can you simply miss the opportunity of seeing yourself graduate?


13. BRB. Going off to donate blood
Too hard a reason to take a leave to turn it down. In some organizations, you get a genuine leave from the office for donating blood.

blood donateSource

14. The pet is keeping bad health
How can one simply leave the poor thing alone home? You must take it to a vet!


15. You ran out if water
Without taking a shower, how can you reach office?

no showerSource

Got any other excuses you give to take leaves? Let me know in the comments section below!

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