Mother accidentally shot to death by her 2 year old son

It may sound strange to know that a 2 year-old infant pulled the trigger and shot his mother dead, accidentally! Yes, you read it right! A nuclear research scientist named, Veronica Rutledge of age 29 from Idaho was shot to death by her son while she had taken her kids and relatives out to Walmart so they could all shop using their gift cards. The researcher was carrying a hand-gun with her for which she also had a concealed weapons permit.

The kid did not intent to kill his mother but the ‘tragic accident’ happened. The authorities found that the law in Idaho allows concealed weapons in most of the public places; only courthouses, prisons, K-12 schools and juvenile detention facilities are the places where carrying a weapon is not allowed.

However there have been a few more cases of children handling guns. A 3-year-old boy  accidentally shot himself and was seriously injured sometime in November in Lake Stevens, Washington. Another incident is of a 2-year-old boy who shot his 11-year-old sister to death while playing with a gun in Philadelphia

Such cases might have been lesser in number in India, but they are on a rising. What do you think about keeping weapons and guns accessible to kids at homes?

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